The Educator Exchange Program
Short Term / Job Shadow Exchanges

Does CEEF offer an exchange for school principals / administrators?

School principals and vice-principals can sometimes be matched in a year long exchange which operates in a similar fashion to the teacher exchanges. Usually they will have to give up the administrative role for the year. This is pretty definite for principals but vice-principals may occasionally do a direct assignment swap.

In addition, CEEF is pleased to offer a special short term, job shadow program for school administrators and teachers in co-operation with education authorities in Germany and occasionally in Australia. Exchanges are available for both elementary and secondary school teachers, principals and vice-principals. In continental Europe, secondary schools are those with students between 11 - 20 years old. Exchanges to other countries can be explored upon request.

The Program
For the job shadow exchange program, the incoming educator spends two weeks living and working with the Canadian educator, and the Canadian educator in turn spends two weeks living and working with the foreign educator in his/her country. Longer or shorter periods may be negotiated between the exchangees once the initial connection between them has been made. Similarly, the dates and timing of the exchange visits are to be negotiated between the two administrators and their home school boards or other authorities.

Participating countries where English is not the first language have indicated that appropriate provision will be made to accommodate the language capabilities of Canadian educators. English and French are widely spoken throughout continental Europe, and some schools are bilingual.

More information about CEEF and our programs can be obtained from your school board's Human Resources department.

Applying to the program
To apply to the CEEF short term/job shadow exchange program you will need to fill out a different application from that for Teacher exchanges. The short term/job shadow application kit is now available for download in Adobe PDF format. This type of file can be read and printed by both Windows and Macintosh computer systems. However, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (available free from Adobe’s web site - click here) in order to use this file.

Short Term / Job Shadow Exchange.pdf

Administration Fees for Short Term applications
1. $133.00 CDN + HST = $150.00 non-refundable Application Fee.
2. 100.00 CDN + HST = $113.00 non-refundable Confirmation Fee.