The Educator Exchange Program - Destinations

CEEF offers interprovincial exchanges for British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Saskatchewan teachers with counterparts from all other Canadian provinces. Destinations for international teacher exchanges are: Australia, France, Germany, Switzerland, The United Kingdom (including England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland), Colorado, U.S.A. and the Council of International Schools.

Applicants may request an exchange with one or more CEEF partner countries. However, some countries, subject areas, and grade levels are harder to match than others. The more exchange destinations an applicant is willing to accept, and the more flexible a school can be in the teaching assignment for the incoming teacher, the easier it is to find a suitable match. Both exchangees must be capable of handling the teaching task and other professional responsibilities in their host school.

Normally, exchanges for the Northern Hemisphere start in September and coincide with the Canadian school year. For the Southern Hemisphere, exchanges usually begin in January or February and continue for a full year. But it is becoming more possible to arrange exchanges based on the Canadian school year.

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